Are you scanning?

Did you know that Nederveld can do your field verification and documentation for you? We can increase your profits and widen your margins with our advanced high definition laser scanning technology.

What is High Definition Scanning?

Nederveld utilizes its 3-Dimensional laser scanning technology and High-Definition Scanning (HDS) services to gather a vast amount of measurements that provides high-confidence models for design and documentation that can be used by a variety of industries in many different formats, which may reduce overall project costs and project duration.

Increasing your profits and widening your margins with:

Fast & Accurate

With the technology of our laser scanners, we are capable of collecting accurate data points at incredible speeds, which greatly increases productivity, quality and project success. Data can be collected at up to 50,000 points per second, delivering individual location accuracies as low as 4mm. Point distance can be set to less than 1mm, creating a 3-Dimensional point cloud with a modeled surface precision of 2mm. Maximum effective range is approximately 300m.


There are many features of HDS that can increase efficiency. Along with the amazing speed, our HDS professionals can verify and record all surface areas even if they're in congested, highly detailed, dangerous or inaccessible locations. This very accurate collected scanned data can minimize/eliminate:

  • return site visits
  • down-time and rework
  • number of steps in project cycle
  • unforeseeable interruption causing delays and penalties
  • inefficient billable hours to your client

Flexibility is one of the strongest characteristics of High Definition Scanning. All settings can be controlled in the field, allowing the operator to tailor the data collection to the project. The scanner software communicates with a number of 3rd party applications, including:

  • AutoCAD
  • MicroStation
  • 3-D Studio Max
  • NavisWorks
  • SolidWorks

The ability to measure structures without the need to physically access them makes High Definition Scanning ideal for measuring dangerous or inaccessible areas.

  • Plan View Drawings
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Reports
  • Structural Drawings
  • Details
  • Schedules


  • 3-D Point Clouds
  • CAD/BIM 2-D or 3-D Objects
  • 3-D Object Modeling
  • Terrain Modeling and Countouring
  • Dimensioned Exhibits
    Plan, Profile, Elevation
  • 3-D Computer Animations
  • 3-D Holographic Displays