Water Intrusion and Indoor Air Quality

Construction defects, plumbing problems, groundwater, inadequate ventilation and general maintenance issues can all lead to water intrusion and mold problems in structures. Determining which issue is causing the problem and if the damage is from a recent event or a long-term issue is not always obvious.

Nederveld’s team has the ability to look at the details as well as the big picture to make sure you know the actual cause of water damage and mold problems. Our engineers work with our certified microbial consultants and our certified microbial remediation supervisor to:

  • Conduct Building Envelope Evaluations
  • Find the Cause of Water or Mold
  • Conduct Mold Sampling for Indoor Air Quality
  • Plumbing/Pipes Evaluation
  • Prepare Plans for Repair or Remediation
  • Review Remediation Plans
  • Much More!

Our experience with the construction process and building trades means we’re familiar with standard procedures, codes, common problems and how to fix these problems.