Structural Evaluations

Building collapses, foundation problems and other structural failures can cause enormous property damage. Determining the cause of these problems requires the understanding of proper structural design, construction methods, materials utilized and how they all interact in a structure.

Our structural engineers have years of experience with projects ranging from multi-story institutional and commercial structures to large petrochemical farms to chemical containment structures. They have worked on industrial, commercial and residential structures with concrete, steel, masonry and timber construction.

Their experience with structural design and hands-on construction management give them an exceptional understanding of the issues that can lead to problems and failures in structures.  Whether you need assistance before or during construction, after severe weather, or any time damage has been reported, Nederveld is ready to help. 

Investigations can include:

  • Basement Evaluation
  • Building Construction Forensics
  • Building Crack/Movement Evaluation
  • Building Envelope Evaluation
  • Building Pathology
  • Building/Roof Collapse
  • Construction Defects Evaluation
  • Construction Vibration Damage
  • Design Review
  • Document Review
  • Exterior Finish (EIFS) Evaluation
  • Façade Evaluation
  • Floor Evaluation
  • Foundation Evaluation
  • Hail Damage Evaluation
  • Ice Dams Evaluation
  • Retaining Wall Failure
  • Roof Evaluation
  • Structural Evaluation
  • Truss/Rafter Evaluation
  • Much More!