Expert Witness

Finding the answers without a preconceived bias is crucial in determining the cause of a loss and whether or not it may lead to litigation. Recognizing the needs of our clients, we are focused on determining what happened so you are able to move forward with pursuing litigation, settling, or defending a claim. Our team of experts provides advice you can trust by helping you understand technical issues and by communicating highly technical information to non-technical audiences in the courtroom.  Count on us to apply and interpret codes and standards, as well as to identify areas of strengths or weaknesses to find the unbiased answers you need.

Nederveld’s forensic reports have been key in settling cases before they reach the courtroom, and our experts are experienced with assisting our clients with:

  • Case Evaluation and Consulting
  • Testing and Analysis
  • Case Development
  • Arbitration Hearing Testimony
  • Deposition Testimony
  • Trial Testimony