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Failed Furnaces and Frozen Pipes

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been removed to protect the innocent.  Frozen pipes in the home caused extensive water damage.  The suspects at large are the furnace, the thermostat and the furnace installation.  What failed?  Who’s to blame?  Our investigators made that determination.

Why is There Water in the Basement?

April showers bring May flowers, but those same showers can also bring water into basements. How do you know where the water is coming from? What are the sources of water to consider? The following tips may help you pave your way toward a conclusion, check these out:

Could Your Neighbor Have Created Your Water Problems?

Water damage is present in a structure, but there’s no evidence of cracking, maintenance or foundation problems. The property owner insists that there have been no recent changes to the building. Have you thought to look for changes on the outside of the building? In many cases, changes to the exterior property can have a dramatic impact on how water drains away from or into a structure, even if the problem area is not physically touching the exterior. These are all changes that can affect a property’s site grading.

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