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True Story: Vehicle Fires and Subrogation

A shuttle bus caught on fire sitting in a driveway. The suspects at large are the vehicle’s manufacturer, a company that installed new parts on the vehicle and the company that was transporting the vehicle. What failed? Who’s to blame? Our investigators made that determination.

Are You Missing Information On Your Chimney Fire Inspections?

Chimney fires cause $246 million in property damage every year, but how can you be sure that the problems aren’t caused by maintenance issues or normal wear and tear? Chimney sweeps or other professionals may claim that they can tell if a chimney fire has occurred just from looking at the outside of the chimney, but is this reliable?

Tips of the Trade: Fire Subrogation Fundamentals

Are you forgetting a basic step that could help you find more subrogation? What can you do when you suspect subrogation may be an option? The following tips can get you started, or finished, the next time you’re thinking about subrogation after a fire.

Product In Manufacturing Plant Actually Helped Stop Fire

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been removed to protect the innocent. A fire occurred in a manufacturing plant that was contained to one area, only damaging the air filtration system and an automated lathe. What caused the fire?

7 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Fire Investigator

When it comes to fire investigations how do you know if your investigator is mediocre or the best around? Obviously, the main point of any fire investigation is to determine the cause of the fire. Is just anyone with an answer good enough for you? Anyone can produce a report, but there’s more to it than that.

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